[School Task] Creating a Drama

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  • A: Ariyono
  • F: Fadel Muh. S.
  • D: Andi Wijaya
  • R: Ridwan Danda
  • T: Tri Adianto
  • Y: Rahmat Hidayat


One day, in the middle of the night, a boy came home from a friend's house. He entered the house silently. But his father saw him and immediately detained him, and asked him.

T: Where are you, why you come back in the middle night like this?

A: ... (deep breath and turned away)

T: Answer me!

Ari's father pulled his hand violently, but Ari fight and said ...

A: You do not need to know whatever I'm doing! (Running into the room and closing the door)

T: Ari! How dare you fight your father! Open the door! Ari!!! (While banging on the door)

A: Silence! (Covers his ears)

Ari going to the bed, and soon he was asleep.



The next day, Ari who still fast asleep shocked by the sound of banged doors.

T: Ari, wake up! (Banging on door) It's six o’clock and you're still sleep like a lazy cow! If you do not wake up soon, I'll break down the door!

A: (opening the door, still sleepy) What's up? Do not disturb those who are sleeping soundly!

T: (Points her son out of the room) You have to go to school. What you have to be if you're not in school!

A: Oh, since when do you care about me? Don’t you just care about that slut?

T: Plaaackkk!!! (Slaps her) Damn you! She is your mother!

A: How many times do I say? I would never think her as my mother! She's not my mother!!!

Ari ran out of his house. His father could only see his son went away. He silenced.



Ari ran away from her home. He decided to go to his friend’ house.

F: What's the matter with you? Why come here early in the morning like this?

A: I had an argument with my father again.

F: Well, how long are you going this way? Can you survive with your situation now?

A: I don’t know. Every day, in my home was like a hell.

F: (sigh) I hope someday you'll get along with your father ... Come in, my mother was preparing breakfast. Lets have it together.

A: Thank you, buddy. You're my best friend.

F: Don’t mention it!.

A: Umm, can I borrow your school uniform?

F: Of course. But, maybe my uniform does not fit to your body size.

A: It's okay, for this day only.

F: Well then.

After a shower and breakfast, Ari and Fadel went to school together.




At rest, Ari looks glum. Fadel was coming to him.

F: Why did you so moody? Is your family problems burdening your mind?

A: (sighs, then silenced)

F: Hmm ... Calm your mind. I want to go to the library, OK?

A: (nods)

Ari was sitting alone. As he was pensive, Andi and Ridwan came over.

D: Hi bro! Why you glum? Is there a problem?

R: Yeah. If you have a problem, just tell it, maybe we can help.

D: That's right!

A: It's okay, just a trivial matter between me and my father. I can handle it myself.

R: Oh, I see. I hope your problem can be quickly done. Oh yeah, do you want to know how to relieve stress?

A: Is there any way? How?

D: Of course there is! We have a "magic candy" that can relieve stress!

A: Really? May I try?

R: Yes, it should. But there are conditions.

A: What is the condition?

R: Do not tell anyone if we give you this candy, because this is a special candy, just for you!

A: Ok. Where's the candy?

D: (taking candy from his pocket and gave to Ari) Here you are ...

A: Hmm ... It's pretty good.


Without them knowing, Fadel, who had returned from the library have noticed them. Fadel was suspicious to Andi and Ridwan. He believes that they gave to Ari is not the usual candy. He suspected that it was a drug candy. Fadel went to report it to the guardian class.


F: Good day sir! Can I have a word?

Y: Please. What's up son?

F: Well sir. Just now I saw Andi and Ridwan give candy to Ariyono.

Y: It's just candy. Do not worry.

F: But I heard them say that it is a candy that can relieve stress.

Y: Hmm ... Could it be ... (frowns) Where are them?

F: They're in classroom, sir.

Y: Okay. Let's go there.

Fadel and the teacher immediately went to class and found three of them.

Y: Andi! Ridwan!

Andi and Ridwan shocked. They also spoke with fear and nervousness.

R: Uh, what is it sir?

D: Why the sudden find us?

Y: Shut up! Fadel, check Ridwan’s pockets! (While checking Andi’s pockets)

F: Yes, sir!

R: Hey, what's happened here! Why all of a sudden ...

Y: What is this? (Shows a candy that he got from Andi’s pocket)

D: Of course it's a candy!

R: That's right!

Andi Ridwan and trying to hide their panic.

Y: (checking out the candy) Do you think I'm stupid? All of you, come with me to the office, now!

In the office, they were advised by the teacher. Because this is a serious problem, the teacher decided to call their parents.

Y: Do you know, what is your fault?

D: What's wrong with us, sir?

Y: The candy that you consumpted is a forbidden thing. If caught by the police, you will be arrested and jailed!

R: But sir, it's not a drug ...

Y: You can fool others, but you can’t fool me!

Shortly after that, Ari’s father comes with a very angry face.

T: Where’s that stupid boy?

Y: Patience, sir. Please sit down.

T: This kid was brash... You bastard! (pointing to his son)

A: Yes, it's true that i’m bastard! So, what's the problem with you?

T: (wanted to slap him, but was detained by the teacher) You ... Basic cheeky! What do you want exactly?

A: Why do you want to know? I just want you to come back to my mother. Right now I just need the love of a mother!

T: Stupid! You've got a new mom! And she's better than your first mother!

A: How can you say that? She's not my mother! I want my real mom! He is the best ... (bowed, almost crying)

The atmosphere became quiet. Everyone was silent. Ari’s father looks very apologetic, he felt like a bad person. He stepped closer to his son.

T: (holding Ari’s shoulder) I understand, son. But between me and your mother had no connection any more. We are no longer aligned, and the split is the best way for us.

A: But ...

T: I hope you can understand. I want us to be happy are like they used to be. Take her to be your new mother. She was a good woman, not much different from your birth mother.

A: (sighs) Well, if you like. But, give me time to adjust.

T: Thank you, son. You're a good boy. (Compassionate)

Everyone was touched.

A: Come on, do not be so. You are my father.

Y: It looks like this family has been settled. But the drug problem ...

T: Oh, that's right. I came here because of that. Is it true that my son taking drugs?

Y: Hmm ... Looks like your son just cheated. If you want to be angry, jusr angry at this two children. (Pointing to Andi and Ridwan)

F: Yes, that's right, uncle!

T: Is it true that? (While approaching Andi and Ridwan)

R: Eem .. Not like that, uncle ... I-It's just a misunderstanding ... (panic)

D: That's right, uncle. We also do not know if ...

D & R: Aaaawwww ...!!

Without thinking, Ari’s father directly tweak both brand ear ... Everyone laughed.



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